Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do I use the site and the APP "Giubileo senza barriere"?

Just enter one or more words or parts of them (at least the first three letters) in the search field and press the magnifying glass symbol . As result you will get the list of sites that match the search conditions. The words entered can be part of the description of the site, the site's name or its address.

Q2. What can you do with a list of sites that match your search?

If the search is successful, you can press for each site in the result list the button or the button

Q3. What you get with the button "details"?

It shows the plan of the site and if you press the symbol it allows to view a list of places of interest related to transportation, public and private services, catering, shopping, health and wellness, entertainment. Every place in the list, if clicked, displays the path for reaching the site on foot, by private or public transport. The page also reports the "stars of accessibility" and other useful information in order to assess the accessibility of the selected location and the availability of services in this area.

Q4. What you get with the button "site maps"?

You can see a detailed map of the place of interest with the indications of accessibility. The map displays a set of accessibility symbols of green, yellow-orange or red color. Are represented, if any, the symbols of the accessible bathrooms and other points of interest . The accessibility symbols of green color denote places fully or easily accessible or the position of accessibility aids. The symbols of yellow-orange color denote the presence of difficulties that may be overcome, even with the help of a companion. The red symbols denote not accessible places, due to the presence of physical barriers such as stairs, steps too high, doors or passages too narrow.

Q5. What additional information can be found in "site maps"?

You can get an idea of ​​preventive points for loading and unloading the wheelchair, of parkings, of the placement of public transportation, the state of the paving of sidewalks and slides. Each accessibility symbol, when clicked, shows a picture of the place that you can enlarge with a further click, and a brief description of the photographed point.

Q6. How do you view the internal maps?

Many sites allow you to view floor plans and the position of accessibility symbols over them. After pressing the button "site maps" a bar appears at the top of the map, which contains two or more radio buttons. The first called "No Level" excludes the view of the floor plan. The second called "Internal Map", shows the interior layout overlapped to the main map. If there are more internal maps there are also more buttons. Each select the internal map of the plan associated with the button.